Jos Van Riswick
A very talented and generous painter who shares with others his inspirations and techniques.
Roos Schuring
an inspiring plein air painter dedicated and fearless in her  pursuit of art.
Neil Carroll
paints beautiful still life with an exceptional ability to evoke form and light.
Artist I Admire
Renato Muccillo
captures in paint the poetry of the landscape.
Gregg  Kreutz  is a great teacher, author and painter who wrote the very helpful  book, ”Problem Solving for Oil Painting” which I cannot recommend too much.
Connie Winters carries on the tradition of impressionism with a wonderful understanding of color.
Qiang Huang
You'll enjoy the lively brushstrokes and beautiful color sense of this talented artist.

Jose Salvaggio,
He orchestrates light in such a way that his work radiates warmth and sensitivity. Salvaggio was influenced by impressionist masters Claude Monet and Alfred Sisley.

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John Potoschnik,
John paints images of places where the sacred struggle of the family was more visible. His light shines on the home and the fields of the humble farmer and the neighborhoods of everyday people. They reward the patient viewer with feelings of tenderness and understanding of the grander music of our lives.